Courses and workshops

Courses and workshops

Courses and initiations to learn, become autonomous, and develop one's creativity. A teaching philosophy rooted in practice and collaboration.

MIG vs TIG? What should you choose?

Note that the objective of the courses is not to become a professional welder in one day, but rather to tame the machine and develop autonomy in order to perfect one’s skills on one’s own.


MIG (Metal Inert Gas), also known as GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding), is a semi-automatic welding process that allows to quickly and easily weld different metals (mainly steel, stainless steel, and aluminum). It is generally used to weld metal thicknesses ranging from ⅛" to ⅜").

MIG is considered to be a teachable welding process and is ideal for beginners who have never welded before, but requires good hand-eye coordination and dexterity before mastering it.


TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas), also called GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding), is a precision welding process used to weld thin thicknesses (at the bottom of ¼") or metals with low weldability (aluminum, bronze, copper, brass, cast iron, etc.).

TIG is considered to be a welding process requiring good dexterity, coordination, and patience, as there are many elements to be taken into account when practicing it. It is not the easiest process to learn and it is recommended to have already welded a little bit before doing it.

Terms and conditions


The total amount, including course and materials, must be paid in full to confirm your registration and guarantee your place. Payment can be made by check or bank transfer.

Cancellation before the start of the course

No fee will be charged if you cancel your registration the day before the course starts, i.e. until 11:59 pm the day before the first session. Cancellation must be made by email.

Cancellation after or on the day of the first class

From the day the classes begin, L’Atelier La Coulée will retain these two amounts:

  • the cost of sessions already attended or scheduled on the same day
  • a penalty corresponding to 10% of the price of the sessions that have not yet been given

Please note that L’Atelier La Coulée reserves the right to cancel a course in case of force majeure or if there are not enough registrations. The amount paid will then be refunded.